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17-05-2002, 02:02 PM
I've just been looking at all the broadband options in New Zealand for home users as I'd like to upgrade from my primitive dial-up connection. However I was surprised at 3 things: Value for money (or lack of), lack of speed, ridiculous data-capping.
It seems that Telecom are getting very rich from all of this.
Disregarding jetstream which has unreasonable data-caps, the fastest dsl available is 128kb/s. That's not much faster than a dial-up and if I want to download a movie it will still take forever! Yet they charge a fortune for it. And now you're limited to 5GB a month.
Clear have brought out tempest (256k unlimited) but that is only available to business customers I hear.
The best option by far in terms of speed and value for money is telsrasaturn cable.
But even then there are restrictions on data - 128kb at 10GB (which is good but slow), 256k at 5GB and any faster is too expensive.

Secondly - WHY SO SLOW? I can hardly call 128kbit/s broadband!

Apparently in Sweden you can get fast internet at over 2MBits/s, unlimited and at the same cost of dial-up here!!!!
I realise there is the factor of economies of scale and lack of population in new zealand BUT that doesn't explain the unreasonable data-capping and speed restrictions. What was the Southern Cross Cable built for?

Can anyone explain why broadband here is so restricted?
Can anyone recommend the Telstrasaturn Cable?
Does anyone have ClearNet Tempest in their home?

17-05-2002, 04:00 PM
Looks like you forgot to look at Ihug Ultra. While it isn't a true broadband (as its only broadband downloading) it is faster than the rest. While i had it i had a maximum download speed of 1Mb. That was with 10 MP3's been downloaded all at one time. Ultra now has capping as well (didn't in the old days)

The reason there is capping is because it costs a lot of money to get our info across the satellites or cables over to america. It's all to do with economies of scale. Not to mention that telecom is a monopoly and is reaping profits from its share in the southern cross cable.
Think if your farm was the only peice of land that people could access a youth fountain from. wouldn't you charge a nice sum for crossing your land. Well thats what telecom does.

The other reason we don't have broadband is because we don't have the cables to provide those speeds. Our copper wires just couldn't handle that speed.

17-05-2002, 09:07 PM
I had ihug ultra, to be blunt, it was a bit of a swindle, hence 'had ultra' About 2 days after i got it, after waiting 2 months, the data caps were introduced. Not long after that i got a $171 bill for pulling 7 gig over one month. $171 plus the dedicated phone line makes a $200/month bill for internet use alone. The modem out made it run like a sqashed pig often, and i was not a happy customer anymore. I took the ultra-sat card out, i sent it to Auckland, i was billed for another 2 months of ultra use in acordance with the fine print.

Meanwhile i got me a cable modem, although only 128k, it was in practice often much faster than ihugs 256k via sugarloaf, CHCH. it is much faster than dial up, i can download music, and often start listening as i go, the restriction is often what the other end has. It is reliable, and the telstra package has more than halved my internet/phone bill. I usually pull about 15gig/month and stay within the limit, only because much of what i get is national traffic.
I recomend it so that you can go to press f1 during yet another of telecoms IPnet (dial up rerouting)/ADSL failures, and wonder what the fuss is about.

17-05-2002, 11:54 PM
Have you looked at <http://www.walkerwireless.com/>.

Not all ISPs have the 5GB cap on JetStart.

Reason for data capping is that international traffic costs alot. Telecom doesn't make much money from JetStart.

I know of some people that use <http://www.worldnet.co.nz/> for jetstart and put through 40-50GB per month.

>>>What was the Southern Cross Cable built for?<<<
Umm, that has preddy much all been used up now I heard.

>>>Disregarding jetstream which has unreasonable data-caps, the fastest dsl available is 128kb/s. That's not much faster than a dial-up and if I want to download a movie it will still take forever!<<<
Well when you actually use JetStart it is a lot faster than dial-up. As for downloading movies, well most movies you shouldn't be downloading anyway. But it is possible to download a 700MB DivX ;-) in a very reasonable time if you are downloading from a decent server and are willing to leave your computer and connection on downloading 24/7.

Just my $0.02.

Poor stuck on dial-up JM