View Full Version : screen fade

17-05-2002, 11:13 AM
my brothers comp is a Hewlett Packard pavillion pentium III intel celeron cpu.
It has been upraded from 64 to 128 ram and a new graphics card (riva tnt2)with 32 megs memory.
The 1st prob is that while playing 'Unreal Tournament,G.O.T.Y.E.' that everytime the player gets hit or killed the screen goes black. Any ideas?. prob 2 is with turning on the comp. I push the on off button and everything starts to load etc..then the HP splash screen loads and that is it... everything hangs, now press the on/off button again to turn it off and then quickly push it a third time and the comp starts up no probs. Does anyone know whats happening?. my names mud cause I talked him into this upgrade and now theres nothing but probs etc.
many thanks, I hope this post does not get 'Lost in Space' like the others:-)))