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16-05-2002, 11:42 AM

Have accidently deleted file which I thought was a Temp file. I am in big trouble with the wife as it had all her geneology things in there. (my excuse is that it should have been named better but I know I will never win that arguement)

Anyway had a look in recycle bin and it aint there. Anyone out there know of way to retreiving deleted files or should I just pack my bags right now.


16-05-2002, 01:04 PM
Hiya Effie

I hope you are not using the same computer to post your messages, or at all for that matter! The more you use it the less your chances of recovering the file so if you are, read this then turn it off!

For best chance recovery buy or borrrow a copy of Norton Utilities on CD plus its written manual. Sit down and read how to boot from the CD for emergency recovery of files then insert the CD and follow the bouncing ball. If you are lucky you will get it all back and can unpack your bag.

If you don't want to buy/borrow Nortons, there is a freeware utility that wiil recover lost files but I don't know if it offers an emergency boot function. I don't have it to hand just now but I'll look up the URL and post it in about an hour.

The reason for booting off the Norton CD is to minimise writes to your HD that might obliterate your lost file.

When all this is over and assuming that you are still living in the same house as your computer, make sure you reconfigure so that all deleted files go to the recycle bin and don't delete using programs or utilities that don't have recycle bin options.

Secondly, implement a regular backup routine and educate yout wife/ex-wife into the habit of using descriptive file names and making backup copies of her most important files.


Billy 8-{)

16-05-2002, 01:48 PM
Okay effie, take a look at this site:


Hope it helps.


Billy 8-{)

16-05-2002, 05:24 PM
Mission accomplished. Not by me of course but by good friend who came round. Sorry but false alarm. It was in recycle bin after all, blind as a bat I am (yoda speak) He managed to restore and so bags are unpacked. I have taken on board your advice Billy T, sounds like more care and less haste is in order for this boy.