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15-05-2002, 11:57 AM

I work in a school and we are have been buying computer for about three to four years now, so we have old 66mhz machines and the new 1200mhz, 14? monitors and 17? monitors, 540meg HD and 20G HD?s, and now we are setting a small computer POD, 8 computers ? What I would like to do is Ghost the image for backup etc and only (Hopefully) have One image that would work on all machines ? The problem I see is drivers! They are all windows 98 with a few Windows 95 machines. Is it possible to have a image for Win95 that has all the drives that it might need (Monitor size 14? and 15? and 17?),so it would work? And another image for Win98 etc?

Cheers Wayne

15-05-2002, 12:15 PM
Ideally you'd only want to Ghost images from one computer to another that is exactly the same.

It would be possible to elsewise. But when Windows loads it will detect new hardare and go on a driver installation mission.


15-05-2002, 12:44 PM
Ghosting is best with machines that are ideal in hardware and require the same configuration.

What you have is best done by doing individual installations, ensuring they are stable, then taking an image for future reinstalls.

Store the images on a server (for DOS network installations) or burn them to CD.

15-05-2002, 01:35 PM
I am at Uni, and our department does what you want to do.

Here are the details...

Each machine has nothing connected to it except the NIC. All peripherals go through the network.

The machines have a similar range in age as yours. There are approximately 60 machines in the main network, and another 30 on a separate lan, but the two networks are linked/bridged so that you can log into either from any machine, but can only access resources on the network you have logged into.

In terms of hardware differences like graphic cards and cd players, store the drivers on the ghost image. There will only be a few meg of them. If there are two many, store them on a server, and point the machines to that when they go looking for drivers. this also allows for easy updating of drivers without touching your ghost image.

Programs are also installed on a per-machine basis over the network from the central server using dos batch files to run the installations. (this means anyone who has enough priviledges can do it it on their machine). This also allows for easy software upgrades, as the installation software only has to be updated once.

So, my suggestion to you is, create a ghost of the basic setup with OS, antivirus, network setup, and all the batch files etc set up and ready to go, leaving out any drivers or apps other than what is needed to run the machine you are ghosting from. ghost this, and set everything else up on a server, backing the server up regularly to CD or a spare HD.

Happy networking - any help needed, post back.