View Full Version : Word 2002-insert file name & path

12-05-2002, 11:46 PM
When I select view header footer Insert autotext insert file name and path I get some strange symbols like this


I have used this feature for years now in earlier copies of word.

How can I fix this?

13-05-2002, 12:21 AM
What you are seeing is the field coding - right click on it and select 'toggle field codes' and you will see the result you expect.

Dont know if thats a 'sticky' setting or if there is a global setting somewhere that overrides what you see when applying - its not sticky in mine (W2000) and always reverts to the actual file name and path.

13-05-2002, 12:26 AM

Go to tools-option, select the 'view' tab and deselect the 'field codes' option upper right side of the dialogue box.

Works here.