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11-05-2002, 02:26 AM
Does anyone know where I can get hold of the installer for the .NET Runtime Library? I guess it works like the VB Runtime libraries where you just get an installer and once they've installed and been registered in the registry or wherever you can then run .NET programs.

But I can't find anywhere on the net that has the Runtime installer. I found one place that said they were adding a link soon, but I'm still waiting. I don't want to have to download the MS .NET program, cause that's 130mb, and I've just got dialup.

All this to run a screensaver :)


11-05-2002, 06:21 PM
I would have presumed you would only need the .NET framwork which is available as a 20.8MB download from the Windows Update site?

11-05-2002, 07:32 PM
BIFF!!! You are amazing :) I had ignored those updates for ages, and forgot they were there! :) So I'm downloading them now, and hopefully they'll work.

Thanks for the reminder