View Full Version : My Cd Rom wont Detect in dos

07-05-2002, 12:09 AM
I have had this problem before and someone kindly helped me, silly me didnt save that info and now im faced with the problem again.
anyway i am running a pentuim 133 and i have a Matshita CD- Rom CD-581 is the name of my cd rom drive, i was given a list of files from a guy
Actcd.sys , autiexec.bat, command.com, config.sys,drivespace.bin,io,sys,mscdex.exe,msdos. sys.
problem i dont know what im supposed to do with that, i think there is supposed to be something connecting my cd rom drive with config.sys (there is nothing at the moment) also i dont think i have the drivers for my cd rom drive on disk, and cant find them, all the links i have found dont work. <sigh> please please help, i need to format my hard drive and re install windows.
thanks in advance

07-05-2002, 01:01 AM
What OS are you running? I'll say Win95 because their bootdisks never had support for CDROMs until later I think.

All those files that you listed are on a start up disk. Only things that won't be found are your CDROM drivers. First of all make a bootdisk if you haven't done so. You'll do this in the add/remove section in the control panel in the startup tab.

Then copy the Actcd.sys and mscdex.exe file onto that same disk. You may need to search for actcd.sys. mscdex.exe should be in the c:\windows\command\ directory.

Go into the disk and edit the config.sys file in an editor. Open it in Notepad or another editor and preferably the following lines should be there or added:



DOS=high, umb

DEVICEHIGH=actcd.sys /D:MSCD000

If himem.sys and emm386.exe are not on the bootdisk then grab them from the c:\windows\command\ directory and copy them over.

Now get into your autoexec.bat file and add the line: