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05-05-2002, 11:34 PM
For some reason,i cannot save password in dialup connection window.Won't give option to save password first time but when i disconnect and then reconnect,option available. But when computer gets shut down and then restarted, it hasn't saved it again.


06-05-2002, 10:03 PM
Hi Carl, windows saves dialup connection passwords in a file called 'username'.pwl where 'username' is the first 8 characters of the user name used to log in to windows at load time. If you cancel the load time login request windows does not know who you are and so cannot open the file 'username'.pwl so it does not offer the option to save the password. A quick way to test if windows knows who is logged in is to click start, the second line up will read 'log off...' if you cancelled logon at load time or it will read 'log off 'username' if it knows who you are. If it knows who you are but still does not offer the option to save password the the file 'user name'.pwl may be damaged. If so locate the file, it should be in c:\windows and delete it. next time you log in with a valid user name even if you use a blank password, it will recreate the file and you will be able to save dialup passwords. If you use a blank password at load time, it won't ask you to login next time you load but will assume you or any one else using your machine is the user name first used. This means that anyone using your machine can use your internet time and receive mail addressed to you.

Any questions, come back,

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