View Full Version : Netscape 6.2.2

05-05-2002, 05:20 PM
Using Tweak UI, or other tool such as Ram Idle, where I may have to uncheck the option to smooth the multimedia path, is there any way to allocate more RAM resources to the already installed graphics card?

I am using the new Gecko technology of Netscape 6.2.2 with a non-recommended processor.
Mine should be greater than it is, but I prefer to overclock it.
Would working with minimised windows help with computer speed?
Internet speed is not under consideration here.

Possible Suggestions: Disable FindFast Y/N? Mine is enabled.
Put Swap File on D Drive Y/N? Mine is on same partition as O/S.

I have an AMD Pentium I system with 100Mhz processor and no viruses.