View Full Version : Is There A Wordpad Spell Checker Somewhere?

04-05-2002, 09:20 PM
Hi there
I'm looking for a preferably free utility that will spell check Wordpad documents on a Win95 Computer...Any suggestions?

04-05-2002, 10:29 PM
I had a look for one a while ago for someone, but I didn't find one.

I ended up moving them to Abiword (www.abisource.org) which made a good (free) replacement.

It can open/save Word[pad] files, has a spell checker and runs quite well on old computers (eg 486dx-50 vintage).

04-05-2002, 11:17 PM
Thanks b m
Went there, but the file download link seems to be dead...I've tried downloading a few other potentials, but haven't been able to get them to run.
Oh well, the daughter'll have to thumb the old paperback dictionary!

05-05-2002, 07:08 PM
There is a program called Notetab that comes in various flavours, one of which has a spell checker. It's more sophisticated than Wordpad and might be a bit too heavy for you but have a look anyway.