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04-05-2002, 07:30 PM
Gamespot has posted an article with the first look at Tron 2.0 <http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/0,10870,2863821,00.html> with an outline of the game's story, describes the environment it will play out in, the lightcycle and disc arena subgames, and the graphics powered by the LithTech Triton engine, and comes with the first three screenshots.

Adobe has won it's court battle with Macromedia where it alleged that the user interface of Macromedia's Flash Web animation tool infringes on Adobe's patent for 'tabbed palettes,' a feature that allows users of design software to rearrange the work space on the PC screen. The judge that handed down the judgement awarded Adobe $US2,822,280 in damages and further, Adobe anticipates that the court will also issue an injunction to stop Macromedia from selling Flash since it infringes on their patent. Naturally, Macromedia has counter-sued Adobe for claims that Adobe infringed on patents of their own in Adobe's Photoshop and GoLive software. The patents are apparently for editing tools. This trial is expected to begin this winter.

ACDSee PowerPack v4.0.1 has been released for download. ACDSee PowerPack combines the three popular software products from ACD Systems: ACDSee, FotoCanvas and FotoAngelo. ACDSee is the picture viewer and image management tool, FotoCanvas is touch-up photo editing software, and FotoAngelo is a multimedia slide show and screen saver creator. Grab you copy here <http://mpegx.com/top.asp?dcat=TopUtility&detail=18>.

KaZaA Lite 1.6.1 Final has been released. KaZaA Lite <http://www.k-lite.tk/> is the spyware free version of KaZaA. You can go here <http://www.k-lite.tk/> for more details on the lite version and download the English version here <http://s19p448.server19.y-w-s.de/Kazaalite/kazaa_lite_161_english.exe>.

3DSpotlight has changed it's name to become TechSpot.com <http://www.techspot.com>. Here's what the site owners had to say about the change:
3D Spotlight name is no more and while it will remain in our minds for a long time (specially for those who are really involved with the site) we would like to warm welcome you to our 'new' home... we believe TechSpot.com name will better represent us and our content and will also better target our audience, the hardcore PC enthusiast.

We recently acquired TechSpot.com domain from IDG Group (owners of PC World magazine), so from now on you will be able to reach us on this URL: http://www.techspot.com <http://www.warp2search.net/%20http://www.techspot.com/>
Creative have published a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Driver update for Windows2000/XP. The new patch updates the driver pack and application software of Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 to provide compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2000/ Windows XP. Here is some of what Creative says about the update:
This is a full driver installation and does not require any previous installation. This patch also contains AudioHQ and Surround Mixer. PlayCenter 2 and MiniDisc Center will also be patched if these applications are already installed on your system. This release is in English only.
Download from here <http://uk.europe.creative.com/support/drivers/eula.asp?id=322> or here <http://www.soundblaster.com/support/winxp/sblivedrvupdate.asp>.

Ahead Software have released a new version of Nero bringing it up to version The new version includes the following changes:
Features Added:
added several new recorders.
Added support for Video DVD documents to the Nero Wizard.
Turn on DAO and Fixation for Mixed-Mode and CD-Extra on default.
Added support dynamic changing of document type (UDF, ISO, UDF/ISO) during multisession.
Added auto-expand folder during drag'n'drop to the folder tree of the file browser.
Implemented DVD+R multisession support. Provide Session Info for DVD media.

Some very rare CD-Extra copying crashed.
Burning DVD UDF/ISO compilations without the Joliet option caused the volume name to get lost and set to 'NEW'.
Prevent a crash of Nero when terminating in case a not readable DVD+RW media is loaded in a DVD+RW recorder
Fixed non-standard behaviour of compilation views for selecting and deselecting with combinations of shift, ctrl, arrows key, home, end, pgup, pgdn, mouse left click.
Fixed non-expanded folder of 1 character length in the folder tree of the file browser.
Fixed rarely occurring bug of wrong drag'n'drop source if you very quickly drag files from the file browser.
Fixed a problem caused by identical file extensions of UDF and UDF/ISO bridge Nero compilation types.
Grab the new version from these links:
Download 1 <ftp://ftp.nero.com/Nero5582.exe>
Download 2 <ftp://ftp2.nero.com/Nero5582.exe>
Download 3 <ftp://ftpu.nero.com/Nero5582.exe>
Download 4 <ftp://ftpu2.nero.com/Nero5582.exe>
Download 5 <ftp://ftpj.nero.com/Nero5582.exe>
Download 6 <ftp://ftpj2.nero.com/Nero5582.exe>
For those with an existing version, when you download and install the new version it will update your existing version and for those that don't have it already, it will treat this new version as a demo.

Activision have announced <http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/020503/laf018_1.html> that it has attained the publishing and distribution rights to DOOM III from id Software. They have also gained the right to show the game off at E3, which kicks off later this month. This is what they had to say about the announcement:
We are excited to continue our successful and long-standing relationship with id,' said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. 'I'm sure that id fans and action gamers alike share our anticipation for the latest incarnation of DOOM, which is one of the most important franchises in PC gaming history. There is no doubt that DOOM III will be at the top of every gamers most wanted list.
You can read the rest right here <http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/020503/laf018_1.html>.

Hewlett-Packard have formally announced that it will complete its $US19 billion buyout of Compaq Computer Corp. and that the merged companies will formally launch as the new HP on May 7. The announcement follows the successful win in the HP shareholder vote. Read all about it here <http://www.eweek.com/article/0,3658,s=1884&a=26272,00.asp>.

Intel is set to announce it's new P4s, with 533Mhz FSBs and a revision of the 850 chipset. RAMBUS will also be releasing their PC1066 memory soon after. Early benchmarks of this new combination have produced scores which are astonishingly high. Check out the full story here. <http://news.com.com/2100-1001-898978.html?tag=fd_top>

The first teaser trailer for the movie about the the big green man himself, The Hulk is out. The promises to be a beauty with Eric Bana starring alongside Jennifer Connolly. Go check the trailer out here <http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/the_hulk/> and check out the just opened official site here <http://www.thehulk.com/>.

Creative has released an update to WinDVR and the WDM Driver for use with the 3DB Personal Cinema. This patch updates the WinDVR application included in 3D Blaster Personal Cinema. The update includes the following changes:
Audio default changed to stereo.
Teletext support added.
The update requires that the latest Creative nVidia display drivers (version 28.32 or higher) and the updated nVidia WDM capture driver (version 1.10) have been installed on your system. Grab the update here <http://uk.europe.creative.com/support/drivers/eula.asp?id=408>.

CloneCD Final has been released together with a site re-design by Elaborate Bytes. CloneCD will make backups of your Music and Data CDs as well as writing in RAW mode, allowing full control of the written data. CloneCD 4 produces real 1:1 copies of your CDs, works with almost all CD Writers and lastly does not need an ASPI driver. Here are the changes/fixes in the new version:
New in this version:
Revamped Copy-Kernel: CloneCD 4 copies more!
New User Interface: Even easier to use!
New technical features: i.e. Automatic Fast Error Skip.
Known problems in this version:
CloneCD allows you to select a faster write speed than the drive allows. This is not really a bug, it is just a cosmetic glitch. If you select 6x speed with a 2x writer, it will simply write 2x.
Reading Subchannel Data from Data Tracks with Plextor CD-ROMs, Sony CD-ROMs, Sony CD-Writers CR-X120E, CR-X140E/S, CR-X145E/S, CR.X160E, Hewlett Packard CD-Writers 8200i, 8210i, 9100i, 9110i, 9200i, 9210i, 9300i, 9310i, 9500i, 9600i will always enable Fast Error Skip, too. You might need to reduce the read speed for reliable results!
This is the full version, including the Setup program which can be used to update your current CloneCD version. Here are the links:
Download 1 <http://home.t-online.de/home/CloneCD/download/SetupCloneCD.exe>- Download 2 <ftp://ftp.elby.ch/download/SetupCloneCD.exe>

minor security issue with Logitech <http://www.logitech.com> keyboard software iTouch has been identified over at Security Focus. Here are the details of the vulnerability:
The issue refers to the programmable multimedia and internet keys. Normally these keys should be disabled when you lock your PC for instance with a password protected screensaver, however, these buttons still function. While the assigned programs do not appear in the foreground, they still run on the computer behind the 'Computer Locked' window.

Thusly, a DoS attack can be performed, just by pressing one of the buttons numerous amounts of times, easily opening 100 copies of whatever program they have been assigned to. By default they are mainly assigned to run IE. Other things are possible if you use your imagination. None of them appear that great though, unless the user has linked these buttons to other programs, ones that are possibly insecure and left un-running otherwise. Or you can always stop someone's music from playing even when they have 'locked' their PC.
Logitech has confirmed it is indeed a problem with their software, but have not issued a patch yet. You can read more here <http://www.securityfocus.com/>.

A security alert has been issued for Macromedia Flash. Here are the details:
Macromedia Flash ActiveX Buffer Overflow - Security Alert
Severity: High (Remote code execution) 05/02/2002

Systems Affected: Systems with Flash ActiveX OCX Version 6, revision 23 (Possibly older versions) This includes most installations of Windows.

Description: All users of Internet Explorer are potentially affected because this is a Macromedia signed OCX. Could lead to the execution of attacker supplied code via email, web or any other avenue in which Internet Explorer is used to display html that an attacker can supply. This includes software which uses the web browser activeX. We advise them to upgrade their flash version immediately to version 6, revision 29!

Fix : Download the latest Flash Player <http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash>

Sygate has released a new version of it's PC firewall software in response to the discovery that their program is vulnerable to the backstealth exploit. Sygate described the find as such:
On May 1, 2002 after accelerated testing, we released a preview version of our Sygate Personal Firewall PRO software that addresses the Backstealth vulnerability. Yesterday evening we made this build#1116 available to the general public for those who are concerned about this proof of concept vulnerability. Users are welcome to download and try the preview release. The preview release is available only through our Product Forums.
In the same announcement they also claim that ZoneAlarm also does not have protection from this exploit. Get the new version of Sygate here <http://forums.sygatetech.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1087> and read more here <http://www.sygatetech.com>.

3D Labs has announced details of it's new graphics chip the P10, the first new product since it's acquisition by Creative. The specifications of the P10 are as follows:
0.15 micron
76 million transistors
manufacture assured by TSMC as for NVIDIA chips
4 pipe-lines with the possibility to process 2 textures per pipeline
DDR memory @ 256 bits (around 20 GB/sec against 10 GB/sec for the GeForce4)
AGP 4x
Pixel and Vertex Shaders (16 vertex processors against 8 for the GeForce4)
programmable FullScene AntiAliasing
More details are available for reading here <http://www.multixperience.com/stiri.php?id=167>

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