View Full Version : Mad Fax

24-06-1999, 09:35 PM
I have Windows 98 and mistakenly entered the wrong number in a fax sent to Australia. Because it is the wrong number it keeps 'dialing' and attempting to get through every time I open my Inbox-Windows Messaging. I can't stop it from repeatedly trying and am at my wits end how to delete this file. As I uninstalled Windows Messaging and reinstalled it, the fax file is no longer visible in my Inbox, Outbox or any other box. I have also tried removing all the files in my Outlook Express Messages/Mail folder with no success.

Does anyone know which file this errant fax would be contained in so that I can remove it and reinstall 'clean' files? I am getting mighty fed up with my Outgoing Fax Queue folder filling up with this wretched fax!