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03-05-2002, 10:07 AM
I have a desktop PC on Win95b and a laptop on Win98b. Both have Directx installed and the necessary ddraw files. In the desktop sysbckup directory, there are no ddraw files, but they are there in the laptop sysbckup directory. Also, in the desktop sysbckup directory is the file winsock.dll, but it's not there on the laptop.
Q: Can I safely delete the winsock.dll from the sysbckup on the desktop (as it is already in the windows directory, and secondly, can I safely delete the ddraw.dll and ddraw16.dll files on the laptop sysbckup directory as they are already in the windows directory? The reason I want to is because I have irregular dial-up problems on the laptop, and ddraw problems with installing certain programes on the laptop.

03-05-2002, 11:14 AM
I cant see that duplicate system files in sysbckup could cause any problems. They are there so that windows can replace any improperly overwritten files in the system folder, particularly 16 bit Win 3.1 apps that have the same file name. There is an MS Knowledge Base note about this.

What you could do just to eliminate the remote possibilty of them causing a problem is to rename them, make the extension .dl_ or something, rather than deleting.
If you still have problems then it doesnt lie in the sysbckup folder.

05-05-2002, 04:24 PM

The sysbckup folder in Windows 95 and Windows 98 is a small library of files most commonly overwritten by installation programs. When an installation program exits, Windows checks that the files in this database were not improperly overwritten. If Windows detects that a file was improperly replaced, it restores the file from the hidden Windows\Sysbckup folder.

The files in these folders only take a couple of megabites and so unless you are desperate for space I would not delete them. If you do delete them you can always restore them from the CD.