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24-06-1999, 01:26 AM
I have struck a problem which I am not able to fix by myself and I was hoping for some expert guidance

My system: a Dell, Pentium II, 450MHZ running Windows 98, 64MbRam, 32bit file system, US Robotics, 56K, V.90, Voice Win modem.
I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.06 as my preferred (default) browser. However the computer has also (inevitably) MS I.E. installed on it, which comes into play on occasions.
I use IBM as my ISP and use the IBM Global Network Dialler (V4.21 for Win98) to make my connection. I drop directly into Eudora Light (Ver3.0) for e-mail.
I also have ICQ net detect agent in the system tray.

Initially the system worked trouble free on internet connections. At some point, I'm not sure when or how, I started having the following problem:

When I click on the dialler icon the dialler brings up a 'log-in window', user profile, the password and a connect button.
* Pressing this button starts the modem initiation routine. The progress of the routine is shown in a separate 'dialler window'(login text).
The routine progresses to a point just prior to dialling and halts with the message:
'A hardware problem was encountered while trying to initialize your modem. Check that your modem is powered on and properly connected to your computer, (error RAS0630E).
* The program writes to the error logfile, after which it closes and tells me I'm disconnected.
The last line prior to the error message reads: Internal state information is 'S=30;D=1'.

I can get past this initial setback by opening the 'Control panel', then 'Modems', and 'Dialing Properties'. .... I don't do anything except click OK and OK again to close down 'Modems', 'Control panel' and go back to the 'Log-in window'.
I click on the 'Connect' button again, dialler starts the initialisation routine once more and .... hey presto, the dialing now proceeds and I hear the line relay click in and dialing tones come on.
After the connection is made, I can get on and stay on the net without any further hassles.

If I make the mistake of closing the connection and wanting to reopen it again later, I have to go through the same routine again.

I have tried al sorts of things, no luck. Ihave just the one U.S. Robotics 56K Voice Win modem on the system, nothing else! The modem is located on Com4 and uses IRQ9. ('Com1 has no modem connected').
I would like to know how to get over this problem. There must be an answer, probably a simple one. What do I do next?
Obviously I can make do, ... but it is a nuisance.
I would be very gratefull for any good suggestions.