View Full Version : RAM causing system lock-ups

01-05-2002, 02:40 PM
I've been having huge amounts of system lock-ups when playing games such as unreal tournament and castle wolfenstien, and also with apps such as adobe photoshop.
I've recently used the system diagnosis stuff in norton utils 2001, and get this error in the memory test...

Testing 20 patterns on 268435456 bytes of memory
Testing memory using pattern with all bits cleared...
Error detected at address 242241536
Test: Failed

Does this mean that my RAM is faulty, and is this the source of my lock-ups? When run in safe mode the tests are passed with no problems, but running windows me normally the test have never been passes, and I've run it probably 20 times.... Somtimes the number at the end of that message is a little bit different. My system is brand new, and I want to get all this stuff sorted out before the warantee expires...
Can anyone give me any suggestions??
Cheers, Tim