View Full Version : Reinstall Windows 98 >> no control panel

23-06-1999, 10:08 PM
I have been running my 266 Pentium II computer under Windows 98 for some time. Recently the system locked up and I was unable to re boot it. I then tried to reinstall Windows 98 using my start-up disk and the original Win98 (upgrade)CD.
Running set-up, all appeared to go well till near the end. The computer rebooted (as required) and loaded the screen:
'Windows is now setting up the following items'
It then listed a number of items with a marker beside the first:
'> Control Panel'
Nothing happened for more than 30 minutes so I used Alt/Ctrl-Delete and ended the task (setting up control panel). The set-up continued to the end and all seemed OK.
Now when I look up the 'Control Panel' I find the folder is there but empty and any further action leads to lock up.
I have tried reinstalling Win98 again, and again with another CD but still get the same result. Otherwise the programs are running OK but I guess I will need to check and update drivers again.

Any Idea how I can get my control panel folder back?