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23-06-1999, 07:26 PM
I have a Pentium 120 desktop pc - 16Mb RAM and 1.19Gb hard drive. I use MS Office Professional 97 and a number of other programs but am getting frustrated at the message: insufficient memory etc.
I have a quote to upgrade RAM another 16 Mb (to 32)including labour @ $185.63GST Incl. or 48Mb (to 64Mb)@ $401.63 GST incl. Also, quote to upgrade hard drive to 4.3Gb ($268.88 GST incl)- labour to do hard drive: 2-3hrs ($191.25-$286.88 GST incl. If I upgrade RAM by 48Mb and hard drive applying maximum costs this is an outlay of approximately $957. With that in mind I am starting to think that buying a new pc is probably a better option. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. I am a self taught pc user (3 years)and buy your magazine through my local bookshop which has helped my understanding of many things while of course there is still many terms/words that are complete gobbledy-gook!! Look forward to hearing from you.