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29-04-2002, 08:30 PM
I am using Win ME and IE ver 6.0

We have from time to time, Japanese students accessing their Hot Mail accounts and 'Japanese text display support' is required to access them.
Question? How do I download this option, without purchasing the MS resource kit.

regards CB

29-04-2002, 09:53 PM
Try downloading NJStar or NJ Communicator.
I have the program and i know that i can adjust it to read Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
I'm not sure if it will solve ur problem though
Try www.download.com

Hope i helped :)


29-04-2002, 11:20 PM
My wife is japanese and we are able to view them no probs try the following.

With Internet explorer open click on tools internet options advanced tab, look for the tick box install on demand (internet explorer),tick it. Click apply OK. Go to a japanese site eg.http://www.asahi.co.jp/
Internet explorer should prompt you to download the Japanese Language viewer.

If not try this...

tools , windows update. The wait for the site to check out your installed programs. Down the bottom of the page there should be a box with Japanese language viewer. Tick it and and download and install it.

Or you can install Microsoft input method editor here

Or try searching the www.microsoft.com for IME japanese.

I am pretty sure that you can also change the language once you have logged into the hotmail acc by clicking on options next to the address Book tab then clicking on the language link.

To view you could try clicking view on the internet explorer menu then encoding and selecting the language from the list. Generally Japanese JIS is the one you should look for. This should let you view but to type emails in Japanese they will probably need to download the Japanese Input Method editor from the sites above.

All the laguage packs from microsoft are free free free and they are very good. They finally got something right even if I can't read it. ;)

Hope this helps