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29-04-2002, 04:54 PM
I wish to insert a small image as an Auto signature with my emails. I have done it before but can't remember how. I can do it with text but not with an image

29-04-2002, 05:50 PM

In Outlook head up to the Tools menu. From here Select Options.

Choose the signatures tab and you set you signatute up from here.


30-04-2002, 07:51 PM
I'm not too sure about Outlook but in Outlook Express you need to send your emails as Html if you include images.

You need to make up a template page with your signature and the image using the Stationery feature. In OE you can do this in Tools|Options|Compose|Create New.

In the resulting dialogue box click on Create New and follow the steps to design your template. You will just be choosing your font, font colour, etc and the image at this stage.

Once that's done put a tick in the Mail checkbox and use Select to choose the stationery you just made.

Now click on the Signatures tab and create your signature, if you don't already have one.

Click OK and that should be done.

04-05-2002, 09:16 AM
You can compose your signature in Word, then copy/paste into tools etc.
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