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29-04-2002, 04:12 PM

My parents have a Mac LC575 (yes its old but is all they need) however now on startup it stops as the 'At Ease Processor' cannot be found. At Ease is a programme that is not needed (and I am unsure how got turned on) and would like to get rid of it. However the computer stops at this error message and when you press anything it goes into what appears to be a DOS window. I don't know much about Mac's, is anyone able to help!!

29-04-2002, 05:50 PM
hello amy! i love macs, so i know all about them! (im kidding of course!) :)

'at ease' is like a app for parents to stop there kids from accessing certein sites and files and applications and stuff. i am assuming u have system7 because in later versions it just a core part of multipule users (and 'privilages). if i have just confused u, dont worry! :)

there are a couple of things u can do (i am not sure which ones are going to work, so your on your own!). does your computer have a cdrom drive? and do u still have the original bootable system disk? if you do, insert it into the computer, and then as soon as you restart it, hold down c, and if that doesnt work, hold down option. this should boot up the mac off the cd with the systems defaults. then you can go into the setup thingees and reinstall at ease, or turn it off or whatever.

if that doesnt work, or u dont have the cd, or another as equally as annoying, you can zap the pram and see if that works (the pram is a little memory chip that stores preferences on your computer, if you didnt know that.) hold down command-option-p-r (i know its difficult) as the computer starts up.

if that doesnt work (getting short on solutions here!) you could try to rebuild the desktop file. the desktop file is an invisible file that stores all your desktop settings, and it can become corrupt after a while. to rebuild it, hold down command and option keys as the mac starts up.

if even this doesnt work, if could even be an extension conflict (a little unlikely). try holding down shift as the mac starts up, and if it works you have an extension conflict. (email me if it is!)

thats about all i know. if none of these things work, u probably have a hardware conflict (but extemely unlikey, since u are not seeing a 'sad mac'. try starting up with no other devices connected. otherwise, u could always give it to me! :D just kidding! hope it works out for you.

29-04-2002, 06:10 PM
Thanks Heaps, will try all these next time I'm at my parents.

30-04-2002, 11:21 AM
Further to the excellent advice from Ben if you can get a start up by either holding the shift key down or using your system CD and using the C key then go to Control Panels/Extension manager.
Look for an extension, At Ease Startup
Switch it off if it is there.
Try restarting normally