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29-04-2002, 11:21 AM
I maintain a large number of PCs. Custom-built to Brand names.

This morning I had to replace a hard drive thanks to the poor design for holding the hard drive. I can't explain the actual way it could have happened but a chip has burnt causing the drive to no longer function.

The PC in question is an HP Pavilion 6609. The mounting bracket that holds the single only drive, when it was taken off the drive had signs that the chip could have been touching the metal or that it just left those burnt marks on it. The design of the bracket may look good but it was so filled up with dust that could have been another reason this chip decided to burn.

This is my second time this year replacing a hard drive because of a burnt chip and it always seems to be the hard drives that are closely packed next to the cheap metal. They don't allow a big enough airflow for these drives. I am now thinking about going through all my PCs and making sure that this won't happen again.

They all seem to happen in a two year period. After the warranty of course and even the warranty doesn't cover the data recovery for when the drive is lost.

All I can say is check the mounting of those drives and ensure that there is at least 10mm gap between them. I have now cut away that part of the bracket that fills up with dust hoping this would help. I don't want to lose my new hard drive too soon.

29-04-2002, 11:51 AM
i noticed some of the better drives are now fully inclosed, no electonics sticking out for someone to poke at with a screw driver;-)

also i have noticed a fair few newish drives (all 5200rpm seagates so far) that are very noisey. sounds like bearing failure. anyone had any failures????

29-04-2002, 12:44 PM
Don't get HP's

I know that most places like Dick Smith, Bond and Bond etc sell them but they are not the best systems to get.