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28-04-2002, 08:58 AM
I have WinXP, the latest OE and I thought I had Norton's Antivirus installed on my new-in-January machine. This morning an email came into my inbox which I believe to be a virus (Klez). I thought my Norton's would catch anything with a virus and not deposit in my Inbox, so I opened up Nortons and looked in the Systems Status box and selected the Email status button. To my horror, it says MS OE not protected. In the System Staus window it says Update service for virus protection is expired. When I bought the computer it was advertised as coming with NAV installed.

So, two questions:

How do I protect my email?


Is it safe to select the Klez message line in my Inbox and click on Delete?

Easy-to-understand replies please!

28-04-2002, 09:13 AM
I think you will find that a lot of new computers from retail stores that come with AV preinstalled will in fact be only a demo version. I came across this time and again when still in NZ. The demo was usually 30 - 60 days though it is strange you never got a message advising your demo was counting down.

I would suggest uninstalling Nortons unless you like it and wish to pay for 12 months use, follow the link below minus the <> each end


and install the free AVG anti virus and update it, adjust the various settings etc before you do anything else. One thing you will want to change is the number of days between updates, the default I think is 30. It also does email scanning, both in and out. If the suspect message has a attachment then it should be ok to select and delete.

If you want to keep Nortons I suspect you will need your credit card. To enable email scanning, close your mail program, open up the Nortons and in options, click email scanning and to enable should be in there.

28-04-2002, 09:52 AM
Linda, firstly I would advise you NOT to click on your suspected Klez infected email if you have the preview setting enabled in Outlook Express. This virus can infect your machine simply by previewing or opening the message, not just the attachment, unless you have the latest updates to Windows, including OE.

To be on the safe side, disable preview mode before deleting it from your Inbox.

Regarding Norton's, I would be absolutely spitting tacks if I had bought a machine understanding that NAV was installed but not informed that it was just a 'demo' or had limited time functionality.

If you were not told about this when you purchased your machine, or it is not listed anywhere on your machine's documentation, including adverts, then in my opinion you have a valid case to claim amends from the company who sold it to you, should you wish to pursue it.

28-04-2002, 09:58 AM
Thanks Susan and Gordon. Susan, how do I disable the Preview thing in OE?

28-04-2002, 10:06 AM
Good catch Susan, I missed that preview option.

Linda in Outlook Express on the main toolbar click View, then Layout and remove the tick from Show the Preview Pane. That should do the trick.

28-04-2002, 10:47 AM
Thanks you two - really appreciate it. I flounder about with this technology. Show Preview Pane was not enabled anyway, so I went ahead and clicked on Delete. Now I have to deal with getting the computer protected. Might have to ask my neighbour's son in to come and do what you suggest Gordon. Haven't the confidence or nous to do it myself.
One other thing that puzzled me is that my machine still runs a virus check every 7 days automatically. If it is not checking my email software, what does it check?

28-04-2002, 11:40 AM
Linda, if you right click the Taskbar Norton Icon then left click Open Norton Anti Virus you will get a window detailing the current position for Norton. The bottom line gives the Service life left. Suggest your Norton is running a check of virus up to the date when your Service Life expired and I would get it updated or replaced as soon as possible as recommended above.Both my daughter and myself got caught with either a 60 or 90 day life. Fortunately I am somewhat wary of virus and got a warning to update about a week before the Service Life expired, renewal for one year cost US$9.95 Anybody with a computer from PC Company with Nortons should check their Service Life.Frank.

28-04-2002, 11:50 AM
if your nortons antivirus had been up to date the odds are it would have found the virus even without the email scanning on. failing that it should pick it up when it does its full scann each 7 days. tip- make sure its set to scan all files.

normally notons will tell you its out of date unless the notification is turned off.

i would either get a free antivirus (eg AVG www.grisoft.com) or get a FULL ver of nortons. if you like nortons i would suggest looking at getting systemworks as its only $40 or so more than the antivirus and the tools are very handy.

yes susan most newbies don't know the antivirus they have only has updates for about 30 days. however you can get the defs manually for free.

'you have a virus'

'but i have an antivirus'

'when was it updated last?'

'updates?? what are they?'