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27-04-2002, 03:15 AM
StartPage Guard v1.30 -- Win9x/ME (5 doves)
StartPage Guard is a hidden tool which protects a PC from cyberscam by
monitoring status of the Internet Explorer browser StartPage address and
preventing any unauthorized changes. It is also effective against
changes made by some advertiser supported programs. This is done by
checking the nominated StartPage with the current StartPage at system
bootup and reverting back to the nominated address at that time. While
it can simply be annoying to have the StartPage changed without your
permission, there is a more sinister problem. As the author says:
'malicious programs (viruses, trojans, backdoors, etc.) sometimes change
the StartPage to 'gain the ground'. Spywares use this way to invade user's privacy by tracking destinations which user visited, and
collecting personal information. In some cases this activity may be
totally transparent to the user. But most often this is just plain annoyance when start page is changed without asking user's permission'.
StartPage Guard effectively uses no long term system resources (about 3%
is used when the program loads on system bootup but this is returned to
the system within a few minutes) so it is a good candidate for
auto-loading. In fact the program does auto-load by placing itself in
the system Registry. Apart from protecting the original StartPage, the
only affect that this program has on Windows is to delay its loading by
a small amount while it checks the status of the StartPage. With the
prevalence of trojans & virus attacks over the Internet, and the
annoyance of having your StartPage changed by one of the
advertiser-supported programs, we consider StartPage Guard to be an
essential add-on to all users (unless you have completely removed IE
from your computer). Get it! Access this 638kB download from: