View Full Version : New V.92 modem setup then won't even POST?

25-04-2002, 07:44 PM
I bought a new Conexant - TRENDnet V.92 modem sounded great, supposed to be faster more reliable etc. I installed card and depending on which PCI slot I use it will not POST (up to ram count sometimes half way through count, I have quick POST enabled).

But once or twice it will start up and find new hardware, so install alright then restart and no go, stops on POST. Driver supports all OS's.

Any ideas???? About to take back.

Win98se, updated.
PIII 550mhz CPU
Jetway 920bf M/B
Quantum 14gb HDD
504 with 8mb shared video RAM.
I even loaded all BIOS defaults (just in case)?

I will try reducing RAM, now just to test my next theory.

I think it has to be hardware (m/b) incompatibility?

Modem minimum specs:
MMX P 200 & above
32mb or 64mb depending on OS
Sound card.
All no worries


25-04-2002, 10:51 PM
Check that the modem is seating well down in the motherboard socket; you can get apparent hardware problems from boards that are not fully plugged up. Sometimes poor tolerances on the bracket fixing, stop the card seating properly.