View Full Version : Decided to update my web based hotmail personal settings and what do you know...

25-04-2002, 04:19 PM
I had spam coming from all over the globe and I knew there wasn't anything that I used this account for other than to email friends and I am sure they never passed my email address onto spammers.

I know some are randomly generated and are pretty good guesses but I came across a setting in hotmail that I would most definitely not have set. It said SHARE MY EMAIL and SHARE MY OTHER REGISTRATION INFORMATION WITH 3RD PARTIES now this is definitely not the only reason why I am being spammed but this could be related to it.

I am paranoid too now. How is junkmail filtering my junk. Is it deleting it off the server then sending an email back saying that they have been blocked thus telling them that my email address is most certainly a valid target to launch their scud mail.

I have just filled up my junkmail settings for the 3rd time. 250 domains blocked 250 email addresses blocked and they thought you would never get more than 500 spam mail. I am a bit disappointed in finding this setting. Especially since I never agree to publishing my email address to everyone.

I hope that turning this setting off does eliminated the 10 different spam I get everyday. I signed up with a new account the other day just to test out if I would get junkmail and so far the only junk I am getting is from Hotmail services which is good in my case.

25-04-2002, 08:45 PM
Hi Kame. Were did you find that setting in Hotmail. I don't get to much spam in my Hotmail account but it has been building up over the last few months, changing my hotmail address is not an option at the moment.


25-04-2002, 10:04 PM
If you go into options you go into personal settings and it's right at the bottom. Also the members directory is another one to uncheck which I found was checked.

26-04-2002, 12:19 AM
From reading, on PF1 over the past couple of months, numerous postings on spam bombardment it seems to me that the No. 1 spam avoidance measure to take would be to not have a Hotmail account. I would be interested to know how many people get spam plastered from other e-mail services (with the possible exception of yahoomail). I have read a warning about using Hotmail and Yahoomail because they use cookies to facilitate access whereas most or all other don't.

I originally avoided Hotmail because it is a M$ product. I have a Eudora webmail address which I acces through Eudora client and get virtually no spam. My wife uses straight Eudora webmail and gets none. A friend of ours uses Hotmail and gets drenched.

More postings on spam load v. e-mail service might be quite informative.

26-04-2002, 07:23 PM
Hi K K, I was interested in your findings because my partner and I both set up a hotmail acc. at the same time, actually i set them both up and anyway his has always been full of trash from day one whereas mine hasn't! My only conclusion was that we signed him up for a newsletter thingee for games i think it was, so i presumed it was coming from there as that was the only thing we did differently!(have learnt from that mistake!) The other night i read your post and thought i would check his settings - (now i was on the laptop which uses win 95 - my partner was playing games on the other one which uses win XP!)Anyway went in and did find the settings set as you said, that was on the win 95 keep in mind, now i again today on the XP thought i would check my settings and you wouldn't believe it but that bit at the bottom does'nt even show up in the settings on XP - so how if we set the accounts up on XP did we manage to check them if they aren't there!!!Can't work that one out?? But next time i am forced to use the slow laptop i will see what it says my settings are under that, where they show up. By the way what are you using? Anyway just thought you might be interested in those findings!

26-04-2002, 08:56 PM
I am on WinXP Pro running IE6 if that's of any help.