View Full Version : Outlook 6 slow to load in XpPro

24-04-2002, 04:45 PM
Any one know of a way to speed up the loading of outlook 6
I am running Xp Pro and the start up screen of outlook is on the screen for 35 seconds before the program is loaded, I have very little files in any of the folders so I doubt if its busy reading those, it was okay when I first installed it But it has slowly got slower and slower I have deleted all my old in and out mail and I dont seem to have any programs running that could slow it down, I have shut down nortons anti Virus and Sygate But no difference.
Many Thanks in advance

24-04-2002, 06:37 PM
There's an article in the Sydney Morning Herald NEXT section which argues that if Microsoft Messenger is deactivated from within Windows XP, whether Home or Pro, then you'll find your startup time for Express is extended.

Check out their website, smh.com.au, and find the link to the NEXT section.

You may find info about how to remove Messenger without degrading your Express loading times.

Sorry I can't provide the links - I've got the article at home, but that's 3 mins away and I'm at work!

Your mileage may vary ....