View Full Version : reading Outlook .pst files

23-04-2002, 04:14 PM
I have been using Outlook for a few years and so have a fairly large archive of email. I am having to rebuild my machine & don't want to re-install Outlook, but I do want to be able to search my archives for specific email in the future if the need arises. Are there any soloutions (apart from installing Outlook) which will allow me to search, open & read an archive file?

23-04-2002, 04:41 PM
You do not need to start again with your stored emails!
open tools>option>maintanance>storefolder. This will tell you exactly where your message store is. Save this, put it on the new machine, I seriously recomend putting it on a differant partition, or better still a seperate drive to your system. When you finish rebuilding, start outlook offline, and go store folder, there is a button around there called 'change message store' or something like that. Select where you stashed your old messages and you will be back, all new, with all your old store.
I resently had a nasty HD failure i lost my system, addresses, rules, etc, but because i keep my message store on a seperate drive, after rebuilding the system with a new C-drive, i was able to search my message archive, and recover addresses, so it had definate advantages, a kind of poormans back up. Its also easyer to reformat with the data you want to keep living permanantly on a differant drive!

There is a valuable article jan/feb 'internet' magazine about this overly complex saving outlook task. If you want to keep all your settings on the fresh build of your machine, i suggest you find a copy, and have it on hand, the rest of the task is not that strait forward.