View Full Version : StarOffice Beta 6.0

23-04-2002, 10:32 AM
just wondering if anyone else got 'Beta has Expired' after installing the beta 6.0 off the PC World cd.

(ps cool mag, and Rob, ive come to check out this site you pimped so heavily :P)

24-04-2002, 11:17 AM
In one of the latest computer Mags, there is a patch to solve this problem, but off the top of my head I couldnt tell you which one, but check the Disk contents and you may find it.

24-04-2002, 11:23 AM
Ok I am back try this link

It will extend the life of the Beta to June 3rd.
hope this helps ;)

26-04-2002, 01:03 AM
...or you could follow the link at the top of www.pcworld.co.nz......