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22-04-2002, 08:24 AM
A friend of mine, explained all the files on his PC have been removed from their folders and placed on the Desktop. Win98SE
Q1 - Any idea of the name of the Virus that caused this mayhem?
Q2 - is there a restore feature that undo some/all files back to their correct location?
Q3 - Ive not seen his PC, but if what he says is correct, how can the PC startup and run Win98 with the files scattered all over the place?

22-04-2002, 11:41 AM
I'd go and look at his computer before jumping to any hasty conclusions. All the files in his computer wouldn't fit on the desktop.

Tell him to do a virus check, and if he doesn't have an AV program or it isn't up to date he'd better get one/update pronto just in case.

Post again when more is known.


Billy 8-{)

22-04-2002, 02:20 PM
Fact: If the originals of all files on his computer are in the %WinDir%\Desktop folder, then he has a large computer-shaped paperweight.

Did your friend say in so many words that the computer still worked to the point where he could see the icons on his desktop? If it does, then (bearing in mind that there's a limit to the number of desktop items) what he has described as 'All my files' may in fact be just a couple of dozen shortcuts.

I suspect that your friend may have exaggerated just a tad.

Ask him to email you a copy of his Desktop directory.

If he types 'Dir /v c:\windows\desktop >c:\mydir.txt' (no quotes, watch wordwrap) he'll end up with a
text file named 'mydir.txt' in the root of C:

However, I suspect that by the time he does this he'll have discovered that 'ALL' his files aren't on the desktop, and he'll have a different question for you.

If he's booted from a floppy (or connected his drive to another working computer, or some other method) and verified that no files exist anywhere other than in the Windows folder, then...


More information, please.

To answer your three questions:

A1. No, sorry.

A2. I would bet a very large amount - possibly up to sixpence - that this can't be done.

A3. '... if what he says is correct, how can the PC startup and run Win98 with the files scattered all over the place?'

'scattered all over the place?'

The problem as stated is the opposite. His files are all in one place - the Desktop.

Translating this as 'moved to the wrong place' the answer to both cases is unequivocal and the same. The computer can not start up and run Win98 under either condition.