View Full Version : win98se CD key sticker (under laptop)

20-04-2002, 06:08 PM

I placed a ad recently on a similar issue. Now I have one question.

I have a IBM complaint letter ready to be sent ... since they gave me a new HDD. It came without win98se cd (fine) but they refused to reinstall or give me a cd without $65+gst on new hdd.

Anyway .. I have that sticker on the bottom of the laptop. He has like a 16 odd digit thingee ... can this be used to install win98se?? Or what is those numbers for ?? I think I tried this with win2k and setup would not accept it ....


20-04-2002, 06:46 PM
The product key for 98se looks like this 'XZXZX-XZXZX-XZXZX-XZXZX-XZXZX'. On last count that is unmistakably more than 16 charactors. Perhaps the sticker is your serial No?

20-04-2002, 11:41 PM
Hi RC,

I brought a computer just under a year ago, and didn't get any hard copies of Windows with mine either.... It seems like this is a pretty wide-spread thing.

How old is your laptop, and is it still under warrantee?

I spent over a month negotiating with Packard Bell for copies of my software (in anticipation that at some stage my HDD might pack it in) - and got absolutely no where..... Finally, Noel Leemings had it couriered to me within 24hours of contacting them directly!

I would suggest that you go back to your retailer and jump up and down, VERY LOUDLY

$65 plus GST is a freekin rort

Good Luck, ALAN :-)

21-04-2002, 11:07 AM
pardon me, its $75+gst (not 65+gst). yes its still on warranty. helpdesk on phone was like tallking to a brick wall, now letter to IBM. I bought in USA so cannot complain to actual shop i'll do it to ibm since has a intl warranty.

that twenty digit MS win98se sticker on laptop what is it for ?? ok, maybe its 20 i didnt count at all, just did a gestimate.

tried the win2k sticker on PC and tried to install didn't seem to work, well may be this is OEM sticker and i tried on my own retail CD. Should it work technically???