View Full Version : Windows 98 re-installation

19-06-1999, 05:55 PM
HELP!!! I'm running an HP Pavilion with 32 megs of ram, a 200mhz motherboard and a 3.8 HD. I had a bit of a crash as a result of running a dodgy programme off a cover disc (not one of yours). I couldn't reboot the machine and after a few hours of total frustration, I attempted to re-install Windows 98. Meanwhile, I'd noticed a whole lot of new directories had appeared named DIR00001 up to about DIR000032 and all my system files, along with most of my software had eneded up in these directories. Now, when I try to run anything, I keep getting 'can't find XXXXXX file..'... I guess all the original software is in these directories somewhere, but is there a way I can get rid of them and put the original files back where they're supposed to be? I can't even boot up off the HP Recovery Disk which would at least let me re-format and start again...

Many thanks for your help and a BRILLIANT magazine.

Phil O'Brien