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20-04-2002, 12:58 PM
Gas Powered Games has released the demo for Dungeon Siege at a huge 187MB offering the first 10% of the game in either single or multi-player modes. The demo is available for download from the following links:
- Download.com <http://download.com.com/3000-2097-10103505.html>
- FilePlanet <http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=87223>
- 3D Gamers <http://www.3dgamers.com/games/dungeonsiege/>

Activision has released a patch for Star Trek: Bridge Commander <http://www.activision.com/downloads/395.asp> that will bring the version to 1.1 and addresses the following:
Added capability for multiplayer hosts to ban players
Problem in E6M5 with shuttles sometimes not leaving the planet, which means the mission cannot be completed.
Zhukov registry texture being upside-down
Fixed 'redshirts' getting stuck in an animation after falling down
Multiplayer names containing '[' causing problems when restarting the game. If you believe that your copy of the game suffers from this problem, please delete the config file, that is found where you installed the game, before launching and repatching.
Better support for adding custom missions
Banning of players by IP address
The 7.6MB is available here <http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=87220>.

Infogrames has released the next patch for Civilization III <http://www.ina-support.com/faq/civ3downloads_pc.asp>, bringing the version to 1.21f. The patch is an 8.8 MB download and it offers so many fixes that you will need to go to the download link above to read them all.

Valve has released details of the upcoming patches for Half-Life and Counter-Strike that will use the new Steam broadband distribution system. Here's what they said:
Half-Life and Counter-Strike Updates Coming Next Week

The Steam-administered beta of Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.4 (CS 1.4) is nearing completion, and the final versions of these updates will be released to the public next week.

CS 1.4 introduces several new features to the world's most popular online action game, including new missions (de_chateau, cs_havana), further integration of Valve's spectator technology, and more. The updates also mark the introduction of Valve's anti-cheat network, hosted in partnership with Speakeasy on the ISP's National Broadband Gaming Network (www.speakeasy.net <http://www.speakeasy.net>).

In addition, this release begins the public migration of Valve's games to the recently announced Steam broadband platform (see www.steampowered.com <http://www.steampowered.com>). While it is not required, if players join the free Steam beta before next Tuesday, they will be updated seamlessly via Steam and be able to skip the traditional download process completely.

Then, after this release, those in the Steam beta will be enabled to play with those on the 20,000-plus public servers around the world. Steam-enabled players will also have the benefit of early access to the platform's integrated communication components for in-game messaging, friends tracking, and more. To join the Steam beta, follow the directions listed here: <<http://steampowered.com/support/HTML/betasignuptester.html>>.

The Steam beta has over 100,000 players currently. The complete migration of Valve's games to the Steam platform is scheduled in the CS 1.5 release. Later this summer, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero will ship worldwide via Steam as well as in retail stores everywhere

Activision has released the multiplayer test for Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. The test offers one map called The Shop Under Siege that's playable in deathmatch, team deathmatch, elimination and infiltration modes with a variety of weapons and player skins. The test is 51.2MB and can be downloaded from the links below:
- Planetmirror <http://www.planetmirror.com/pub/bluesnews/sof2/demos/SOF2_test.exe> (Oz site)
Bluesnews <ftp://ftp.bluesnews.com/sof2/demos/SOF2_test.exe>-
Fileplanet <http://www.fileplanet.com/index.asp?file=87213>-
3D Gamers <http://www.3dgamers.com/ad/welcome/blues/games/soldierfortune2/>-
Bonusweb <http://www.bonusweb.cz/download/dema/sof2mpdemo.html>-
Tiscali Games <http://games.tiscali.cz/clanek/demo.asp?id=3270>-
SoF2Files <http://www.sof2files.com/file.info?2373>-
WorthPlaying <http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=3342>- AusGamers <http://files.ausgamers.com/?agn=details&id=2078> (Oz site)

Raven Software has updated their Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast top solutions FAQ <http://www2.ravensoft.com/jedioutcast/faq.htm> page. This page is run by one of the game designers and features hints and tips for the game. Here's a bit from the man:
The Jedi Outcast resource page I've been maintaining has been updated with help for joystick users, dual AMD users, people who are stuck in the game and need a walkthrough, etc. Drop by <http://www2.ravensoft.com/jedioutcast/> for the latest updates about Jedi Outcast.

Microsoft has released a Windows XP Patch to fix some GDI+ Graphics Rendering Issues. The update addresses the following issues with GDI+ in Windows XP:
Some characters print as '=' when you print from the Japanese-language version of Visio 10 to Acrobat Distiller.
You may experience problems when you use the MSN Communities Web site. For example, you may not be able to load or display images on the MSN Communities Web site.
Hong Kong Simplified Complex Script support is not available in Visio 2002.
Images that contain a low number of dots per inch (DPI) may not look clear or might appear distorted when they are printed.
Images that are taken with a digital camera and then edited in Windows XP may not be readable by the source camera or by the image editing software that came with the camera.
When you are using the ClearType text setting in Windows XP, the text in Visio 2002 may appear distorted.
You may not be able to use the Magnifier Accessibility tool in Windows XP to magnify some images.
The whole thing is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q318966 <http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q318966&> and is available for download here <http://download.microsoft.com/download/whistler/Patch/Q318966/WXP/EN-US/Q318966_WXP_SP1_x86_ENU.exe>.

AMD is to stop making the Duron processor at the end of this year, when it completes the conversion of Fab 25 from CPU production to flash memory-only. Some of the main points announced by AMD on the future of the Duron and the company are as follows:
AMD will concentrate all CPU production - Athlons and upcoming Hammers - at Dresden and in a UMC foundry in Taiwan.
Outsourcing Athlon 0.13micron production to UMC will ensure a fast ramp-up for AMD's next gen Hammer family in Dresden
There will be one more Duron - a 0.13micron Appaloosa.
AMD's 8m processors shipped in the March quarter is equivalent to 19...5 per cent market share by units
You can read more here <http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/3/24915.html>.

Asus have released some more new bios files:
Asus P4S333 1008 - 01 Beta <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/BIOS/Socket_478/SIS_Chipset/SIS_645/P4S133/1008s_01.zip>
Asus A7V333 1006 - 04 Beta <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/BIOS/Socket_A/VIA_Chipset/Apollo_KT333/A7V333/1006__04.zip>
Asus A7N266-C 1001 - 026 Beta <ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/BIOS/Socket_A/NVIDIA_Chipset/nForce_415/A7N266-C/1001c_26.zip>

CloneCD 4.0 Beta 30 has been released for download fixing the Tray Icon bug. Grab the new beta here <http://home.t-online.de/home/CloneCD/download/SetupCCD4.exe> and here <http://www.warp2search.net/download.php?op=viewdownload&cid=4>.

Some good news for YOU Aussies, Microsoft has slashed the price of the Xbox from $649 to $399 to put it in direct competition with the PS2. if you already have an Xbox and purchased before April 26 then you will also be entitled to receive $250 worth of products including a controller and some other items. You can read the full story here <http://news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,4156613%255E1702,00.html>

System Cleaner the program that cleans your PC from all the files wasting space and slowing the performance of your computer has been released in version 4.76. Some of the new features are:
'Find and remove duplicate files' now only available if the Advanced Search Option is selected.
Select All, Select None, Invert Selection and other selection options now available.
Get it here <http://oxisoft.com/download/>.

GetRight 4.5d Build 2 is out and available for download <>with no real word on what's changed.

McAfee have just launched its SecurityCenter, a suite of free analysis tools aimed at getting users to become more security aware and hopefully plug any gaping holes with yearly licences of McAfee products. Here's the word of the suite:
Once downloaded and installed, SecurityCenter will scan your PC, giving you a security rating between one and 10 based on the vulnerability of the machine to viruses, hackers and abuse. Also on offer is a Hacker Vulnerability Scanner that will chuck packets at your PC, through your firewall if you have one, to check the vulnerability of common Internet ports.

Users can have a look at a virus library, and quite interestingly, view a real time world map of viral activity. Additionally you get the chance to download free trials of McAfee products.

All useful stuff, and part of McAfee's managed Web services strategy to create an XML-based service offering real-time secure protection to anyone connected to the Internet.

Combined with Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer this does seem to give users a good chance of increasing their security online. Just IMHO, you see
Read more here <http://www.mcafee.com/>.

Microsoft has announced that they will commence shipping a USB Bluetooth transceiver, keyboard and mouse at the end of this year. The tranceiver will be able to handle up to seven Bluetooth devices, and Microsoft is also set add full support for Bluetooth into Windows XP at about the same time. The transceiver will allow users to set up their own Personal Area Network (PAN), consisting of PCs, PDAs, printers, mobile phones and input devices. You can read all the details here <http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/54/24922.html>.