View Full Version : Faulty CD Rom drive

19-06-1999, 02:34 PM
I recently had a problem with a CD-ROM drive (or so I thought) and returned it to the vendor (as it was still under warranty) along with an explanation of the problem. The fault was duly diagnosed as being a faulty drive and was replaced and subsequently returned to me.

Upon firing up the machine the same problem appeared to exist. I undertook some diagnoses of my own and traced the problem to Norton Antivirus V4.04.

Incredibly this software running in the background was preventing my PC from being able to read files on an installation CD (Microsoft Outlook in this case). The problem was by far the worst with this particular CD but did cause minor problems with other CD?s. Disabling Norton Antivirus cured the problem instantly.

Now I know all the blurb you get with new software recommends closing all other programs prior to installation, but something that interferes with the operation of hardware as well seems rather bizarre.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar problems????

I?d be interested in hearing.