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19-04-2002, 09:47 AM
Dear PC World readers,

I just like to have some imput from u guys ..

I bought a thin UBM Thinkpad laptop last year with a 3 year intl warranty. Fantastic machine. Recently my HD broke down, I reinstalled win2k then managed to backup all files since old files were luckily to be saved. Then after it failed again. So following IBM instructions I did a HD fitness test and the problem was isoltaed to the HD .. a new one was sent to me within 36hrs including free freight and free freight to send old HD back to them. Secondly, the CD-ROM door was a bit jamming - needed a finger nail to pull it open if u know what i mean. I called them and they sent me a new one in 24hrs and likewise I promptly sent the old one back to them in their prepaid trackpak envelope. FANTASTIC!

However since I got a new HDD, my system came with no CD-ROM as it had a hidden partition with the backup materials in it. Since it failed within the warranty period IBm had replaced and assumed liability. They have not preloaded my OS after having full information my system came with no CD. I called them and they try to charge me $75NZ+GST for the CD which I already have a licesed for it. I disagree and have sent an email to the USA subsidiary office.

A. IF u dont provide me a CD fine.

B. At least be able to provide me a copy on HD like as it was when i purchased the software. I purchased a system with a partition recovery and the warranty should warrant that.

C. If HD fails I need to shell out another $100NZ for a CD for no fault of mine but the lack of workmanship of IBM. Why should it be my liability it was their fault to to include me a recovery cd after all. there's no reason since those cds only work with very specific machines.


19-04-2002, 09:56 PM
either shell out $$$ for a full ver of windows or jump up and down at IBM to supply the HD with the OS on it. they don't have to give you a cd but (as far as i know) under consumer law they have to repair it to the state at which you bought it ie with the os on.

3rd option return the whole laptop under warranty, get your money back and tell them to stick it ;-)