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18-04-2002, 08:49 PM
Hi,I hope someone can answer a couple of newbiequestions re win 98 registry backup. 1/ Why can i find the backup files using my CDRW file browser, but not Windows explorer or find files. 2/My system date has been incorrect for a while (currently 6/16/01). Of my 5 reg.backups 1 is dated 6/16/01, the other 4 are dated Sept.01 & Dec.01. Is it safe to correct the system date to 2002. ie is there a danger that at next startup it will use the Dec.01 backup instead of the most recently created (June 01).My main concern is that I have installed a replacement CDRW recently while system date was May01.Had major problems with the system which took the technician at the shop 2hrs to fix. The system is now running well apart from the date so I am a bit worried about stuffing it up again just by changing the date. Any advise welcome.
Craig Fraser

18-04-2002, 09:31 PM
Hi Craig

The date shouldn't be a problem as windows doesn't use the backup files to boot.

Just before you do change the date though, if you don't shutdown every night the windows won't be refreshing your registry backups as they are only created fron a cold boot. Warm boots during the day won't refresh the backup which is worth remembering if you are installing software.

To make sure your computer is making backups everytime you start it, go to Start/Run and type msconfig then press enter. From the options that appear click on 'start up' and make sure the first bos (scanreg' is ticked. If it isn't, tick it then change the date & time, close down your computer and switch it off. Restart and you will find that you have a new backup file with the current date.


Billy 8-{)