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18-04-2002, 12:23 PM
After reading and questioning people for sometime I have decided to go ahead and network my 2 pc's. The newest is a custom built running ME 18gb HDD 752amd Athlon processor with 128mb RAM.
The other machine is a Packard Bell with 233 intel pentium processor, a 2gb HDD (yes I know it's old) and 64mb of ram and running Win 95.

I purchased two cards and a cat 5 cable from Dick Smith, the information supplied is limited and installation instructions non existant so I have relied to a certain extent on the article in last months NZ PC World.

I have installed the card in the older of the two units and come across a problem in that it is looking for a file that I can't seem to access.

It's asking for RTL8139sys file on the driver disk which i have inserted but it tells me it's not on there. Can you point me in the right direction.



18-04-2002, 12:44 PM
Do a search for RTL8139sys file in the directory of A:, C:\Windows\System32, C:\Windows\Temp or C:\Temp depending on where it is and C:\Windows\System on both computers and if you find it use that file. If it's on the other computer and not the one you want copy it over.

If it doesn't show up then head over to www.realtek.com.tw and download the latest drivers for your card and install it.

WinME should have the correct drivers for that card because it is popular.

The CAT5 cable you purchased. Is it a crossover cable?

Usually a light blue colour if it's from DSE, the normal cable is dark blue.


18-04-2002, 02:02 PM
Thanks Kame

will do a search shortly, busy peeling spuds for tonights dinner before the boss comes home from work.

Cable and cards were purchased from DSE together so must assume it is the correct one. it is either a dark light blue, or a light dark blue and is listed as '3m cable crossover CAT5e'

18-04-2002, 04:25 PM
When you are told the file can't be found, choose browse and change to the directory on the floppy that corresponds to your operating system. The RTL8139.sys is in the sub-directory.

18-04-2002, 08:51 PM
If you get stuck you can get the latest auto install driver (all windows versions) from their website.