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17-04-2002, 09:34 PM
Hi there, hope someone can help...

My flatmate and I have decided to share a wireless net connection between us and have had the thing installed.

The wireless bridge is connected to his computer via the rj45 port on his network card, hey presto, fast connection!

Problem is, I want in on the action. The installer guy suggested putting another ethernet card in and we resume normal network connection and LAN net access for me via the flatties computer.

Okay, the new card is in: how do I set the thing up and what network settings can I use?? I can set up a 2 pcs with a reverse wired cable easy enough but this is beyond me.

Any assistance appreciated.

18-04-2002, 10:12 AM
Hi There,
I am unsure as to what some parts of your posting meant, but i think i know what you mean, you want to set up a system where all computers on your LAN can share the same connection to the internet. I did this recently ( with cheap coax networking, but hopefully wireless works on the same principles) and used a great program called Wingate. It has a good firewall that actually works (I checked with one of those 'Probe my ports and test my sheilds' websites) and takes around 5 minutes to set up. best thing is that if you dont want to pay for it, you only have 2 computers,and you dont mind finding another firewall you can use the lite version for free. I dont recomend using microsoft ICS as it is a resource hog and is generally a pain in the ass.
one note though, i recomend you get a walkthrough as to how to set it up, otherwise 5 minutes could stretch to an hour or 2.

21-04-2002, 02:40 PM
The first thing you need to do is have a look around for some Internet Sharing/Proxy software unless you want to spend several hundred $$ on an external router. I've used Winroute myself and find it very good however there are a lot of programs available, some free, most aren't. For a simple setup simply install 2 network cards in the main PC (1 for incoming internet connection, the other to hook up to the 2nd PC) and if you download the trial of Winroute you should be able to get things setup in around 15 mins or so with the detailed instructions they give you.