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16-04-2002, 09:09 PM
Aggh!! I am trying to install Office XP Pro on my machine with Win 98. It won't do it! In the system update, it gets so far then says it can't go on without HH.exe.version blah blah. It offers to send an error report to MSN but I don't see the value of that! I tried again by uninstalling office 97 first but it won't uninstall!! It says there is an initialisation error regarding where I installed it initially. ( I have had the drives changed around a bit as I put more GB in the hard drive) This doesn't change even with the office 97 CD in the CD rom. This has been 2 nights and I have run out of swear words!!!

16-04-2002, 09:27 PM
Have you checked to see if Office XP supports windows 98?
If it doesn't, then you've:
A) Store the cd somewhere until you have upgraded
B) Use the cd as a frizbee

Simon :-)

16-04-2002, 09:34 PM
yes, office XP runs fine on Win98 - don't know about the install problem though. Maybe if you've changed heaps of things lately then it might be time for a clean sweep (format c:) - a bit of work, but a general cure-all for most conflicts :-)

17-04-2002, 12:27 PM
As to why OfficeXP will not install, unsure at this stage but regards Office97, I see you have been moving things around, in the process of doing so, you might have changed some of the paths etc that the program requires and it can no longer locate the required parts. If this is the case, you are to a point stuck fast in the mud so to speak as you cannot uninstall 97. It is possible that XP knows there is Office97 there and is failing as it finds some parts, cannot find other parts of 97.
A drastic step if you really need one of the office programs might be to consider saving your data and do a reformat. You should get OfficeXP installed ok then.
By the way is XP a upgrade or a full version. If full version no problem later but if a upgrade for 97, you might need to install 97 first and then XP on top as it will search for something to upgrade from.