View Full Version : windows ME detecting hardware (and conflicts)

16-04-2002, 11:18 AM
I've just got the following new system
Athlon 1700+
Gigabyte 7vtxe+ (w/ onboard sound, usb)
nVidia geforce 2 64mb
cdrom, cdr,floppy
external dynalink serial modem

Now windows me seems to be running kind of 'erratically'. Sometimes it runs fine, but sometimes when i boot it assigns the serial ports as com1&2, sometimes as com3&4, and occasionally as com5&6. It sometimes detects conflicts between different components (such as the Geforce & sound & other parts of the motherboard.) Also sometimes it detects 'virtual infrared com ports, lpt ports and other stufF'. That i'm aware these don't actually exist on my system.
Also other strange behaviour I've observed is when I click start>control panel>system> device manage, a connection dialup box appears, and quite often games such as Castle Wolfenstien and Unrel Tourn. will crash.
The best solution to this is to disable different parts of the motherboard (mainly USB) in the bios, and to disable the virtual infrared stuff in windows device manager. I don't really like this approach though, because if I happen to get some USB devices in the future, I'm just going to have to deal with these problems anyway.
Is this most likely to be a driver problem or something else?
Cheers, Tim