View Full Version : CD Writer Drivers

16-06-1999, 06:03 PM
I recently purchased a CD writer (SCSI Philips CDD 3600) which came with Adaptec CD software, which works well. In my enthusiasm I have downloaded a number of CD writer trial applications such as Nero, CDRWin and PSX Copy and installed them to try. I have since discovered in discussion groups and some web sites that more than one copy of CD writing software can conflict and have learnt this first hand by now producing a lovely set of matching coasters! I have tried uninstalling all the applications and they say they have uninstalled effectively but there seems to be some drivers still somewhere that are conflicting. This seems to be a common problem and two suggested fixes are Win95 service pack 1 which I have tried and deleting all references in the registry. I have tried to delete all mention of any of the software but I am not very familiar with registry entries. I reinstalled Win95 but only succeeded in destroying IE5 and have not been able to reinstall it (from the PC World CD-ROM or the Internet). I have managed to uninstall it and restore IE4 but the uninstall information has disappeared for IE4 and IE5 appears to install correctly but fatal exception errors occur when running Outlook or the browser. How do I find out more about registry entries? Do you have any idea where, in the registry, CD ROM software drivers may reside? Any ideas how to reinstall IE5? I also wish to produce my own CD ROMS for friends and family with video etc. How do you create auto run CD etc, is there software for creating these types of files, all the software that came with the writer seems to focus on copying CDs rather than creating them?