View Full Version : removal of raid controller card.

15-04-2002, 09:18 PM
can i just remove my hpt370 raid controller card without consequences? it was put in when i added a new HDD to my system so as to allow it to run at ata100 standard. motherboard limited to ata66.
inherent with that was all drives being recognised as scsi's and further consequences associated with that.
i now want to remove the hpt370 as hdd going back to ata66 should not be noticable, but can i just remove the raid controller card, reboot and voila operational system with ide drives. and if not could i put it back? does the bios recognise whether the card is there or not?

15-04-2002, 09:37 PM
firstly are you actualy useing raid or just useing it as an ata card(which is a waste)? if you are useing a single drive or drives in nonraid mode then it shouldn't be any problem moving the drive to the onboard ide. don't forget to check your jumbers and the bios settings for the boot order.

what where the problems with the raid card? it would be better to fix it and preferly use it in raid mode.

15-04-2002, 10:04 PM
no raid array is used. use just as a ata controller. why remove? because it makes windows see drives as scsi. that appears to have the effect of making disk imaging virtually impossible. can't set disk caching on /off etc. all in all not worth any theoretical gain as 100 to 66 ata should not be noticable. i have no intention of using a raid array and nxt motherboard upgrade later in yr will prob be ata 133 native anyway. possibly a cheap raid controller card going.