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14-04-2002, 10:13 AM
Dear Ones

This is after doing a SEARCH in the PresF1 site for an answer.

I recently got a PC built up by a local technician. It has Seagate 40 GB HD & 256 MB RAM (2x 128; don't know which brand).

But when I checked the C Drive Properties, the info I got are as under:

Used space:2,317,647,872 bytes 2.15 GB
Free space:37,690,081,280 bytes 35.1 GB
bytes 37.2GB

When I checked the System properties:
240 MB RAM (whereas I have installed 2x128 MB RAM that makes 256 MB RAM also don't know which brand).

I am confused with the mathematics above. When I talked to the tech. he said there is some space the HD's reading device occupy, which won't be available for use.

Still can't understand the mechanics behind the explanation because my old PC with 2.14 GB HD displays the same value. This is also true with its singe stick 128 MB RAM.

Can anyone give me some 'sense' on this, please.

It is funny that the space I've 'lost' in the new HD is more than that I have in my old PC!


14-04-2002, 12:07 PM
With your Ram you will probably find that the graphics card is using the 16mb you are short of.
With the hard disk for some reason they never quote the formated capacity of a hard disk and remember that 1kb is 1024 bytes.