View Full Version : IO Subsystem driver failure

15-06-1999, 09:49 AM
I am running a cyrix 233 pentium with 32 megs of ram under windows 95. I began to install a 3com NIC which went all right (downloaded the current drivers from the 3COM web site), until i came to configure the PC to allow sharing of files and printing. After do this the PC began to copy files from the Windows 95 cd and after doing this asked me to reboot the PC. On reboot it then tried to copy more files from the win95 cd but could not locate the files. As it turned out the PC could no longer recognise the CD drive. After rebooting the PC again the following error message comes up

'while initialising device IOS:
Error: An IO subsystem driver failed to load. Either a file in the :\iosubsys directory is corrupt or the system is low on memory'

Windows will load in safe mode but I cannot find anyway to correct the problem. I have removed the 3com network drivers and even taken the NIC out of the PC with no change. Any suggestions as to how I might get my PC running again would be greatly appreciated.