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10-04-2002, 09:17 PM
Hi there
I have an mp3 on my hard drive downloaded from AG Satellite (this site only recognises mp3 files...)that I wish to put onto an audio CD. When I try to add it to my CD layout the Adaptec program informs me the file is not a valid audio file and won't add it to to the layout. Windows Media Player can play the file - right clicking on it and selecting 'Properties' tells me it's mp3 format (tried restarting the computer, renaming the file to .wav, shortening the file name - unfortunately this is about as far as my troubleshooting expertise goes - what can I do now?
Also - should it be possible to add files to an audio CD and still be able to listen to the 'CD in progress'? (by selecting :'close session, keep CD open')

10-04-2002, 09:58 PM
Poosibly could be that Adaptec doesn't have a built in MP3 decoder.

If you decode the mp3's to wav format first. It may work.


10-04-2002, 10:07 PM

try using different writting software, eg like nero burning rom - which is one of the most popular. Also just as a note, obviously you want to copy the mp3 so you can play it on a stero or which ever, make sure it's copyed into a proper audio file on the cd, not a mp3 file, otherwise if you donot have an mp3 player - it wont play.


10-04-2002, 10:20 PM
I had similiar problem. Install Windows Media Player if you removed it. It will fix that.

11-04-2002, 03:28 AM
Morning Lynne,

Its sounds like you have an order verson on Easy Cd writer possably Verson 3.x.

Anyhow an Mp3 is a compressed audio file, where as a wav file is an un-compressed audio file. This is why Easy Cd is giving the error that you are recieving, It does not know who to uncompress the mp3.

So How do we get around this problem ??

Solution 1- Uncompress the Mp3 to Wav. This is know as Decoding or converting the file. There are many free programs out there that do deocde to wav and many other audio file formats, Such as 'MP3 To WAV Decoder' find it here

Solution 2- Upgrade Cdwriting package. Back when Easy Cd Creator 3 was around Cd writers were rather expensive and mp3 audio format was still not known about by the masses. Also trying to decode an Mp3 took for ages and could only be done in Dos. This has deffintly changed over the last couple of years. Encoding and Decoding is much more simpler and faster. Now days most cd-writer packages include an built in mp3 decoder.
Such as Easy Cd Creator 5, or Nero Burning Rom etc

To you question about leaving a cd-rom session open on audio cds.
Yes it can be done, but Dont do it unless the cdrom will only be played in the pc cdrom. Why ? Audio Cd players can only read 1 session. So you may have 17 songs on the cd written over 2 or more sessions. Only the Songs written in the 1st session will be read/played via the Cd player.


11-04-2002, 06:29 AM
We used to download a heap of mp3's from AG and a couple of other places. What we found when burning them to CD was that 99% of them burnt perfectly but as in your case we would get the odd one that even though it was listed as a mp3, it played ok in Winamp or Win Media Player, the properties etc all said mp3, for what ever reason we were unable to burn it as it was not a valid format. In these cases we just left them on the hard drive till we had downloaded a new copy, hopefully from a different user and usually the new copy would burn ok.
Whether you use Windows Media or not should make no difference as to whether it would the mp3 to cd or not.
Not a lot of help but at least you are not the only one.

11-04-2002, 12:44 PM
solutions for u ...
I have adaptec 4.02 which does MP3.

Try other s/w like www.hp.com and download their winxp ones should work w other windows.

You could also install media player 7's adaptec plugin ... (not sure if this is mp3's though).

or go via pc world's cd and get a demo software ...

or simply goto download.com and get a software that can covert back to cd tracks. then u use adapetc to copy onto tracks.