View Full Version : ISA...PCI...AGP...???

10-04-2002, 04:48 PM
Hi,I hope someone can help me.

I am building a small system & have struck a problem. I can only get the computer to boot if I use an ISA video card. I am using a VA503+ motherboard & an IBM PR200 chip. I have tried an AMD 450 chip also & have tried 2 motherboards (identical) and have tried several AGP & PCI video cards & I know they work as they are all out of working systems. Windows recognises them and tries to install drivers for them when it boots up with the ISA card, but when I change the monitor lead over to any of the new cards 'nothing on the screen'
Both motherboards give the same result. Boots with ISA but not with AGP or PCI. It can't be the chip as it was pulled from a working system an hour ago with a PCI & Voodoo2 3D with a pass thru cable & worked perfectly.
I can't get the machine to boot with the 450 chip either, although it may be buggered.

Please am I doing something wrong. AGP is enabled in the BIOS & I've tried it at 1x & 2x.

Thanks for your time.