View Full Version : A:\ drive not acessible.

13-06-1999, 01:20 PM
My 3.5' Floppy drive is refusing to read disks. It first happened several weeks ago and I thought that I had bought a bunch of faulty disks. On trying some new disks it worked well for a while, but now is refusing to read anything, including disks that were written to last week and have always been OK.
After an initial whir it whirs on and off regularly about once a second for about thirty seconds, and then a box comes up that says:

'A:\ is not acessible.
The system cannot read from the specified device.
Retry Cancel'

Device Manager says that the device is working properly, and that the
Floppy Disc Controller is working properly.

I have tried cleaning the heads with a Disc Cleaner without any improvement.

I am running WIN 95 OSR 4.00.950B on a PR200mmx with 32mb RAM. The A:\ drive is listed as a Generic NEC with no drivers listed. (The Tekram motherboard P5T30-B4 uses an on board floppy controller)
Any ideas?
Ta, Richard Buckland