View Full Version : Seperated At Birth

07-04-2002, 11:06 PM
Heh, just made this little page... The first time I saw the music video of the song Movies by Alien Ant Farm, who did the lead singer remind me of? I just had to do this.... Sorry, Clarke!


07-04-2002, 11:31 PM
Remotely similar.


08-04-2002, 10:14 AM
Not too bad. When I was at school I was accused of being the brother of a guy that now comments on TV3 on finance and business news now and again, called Bruce Makay. I certainly don't look like him now. I hope.


08-04-2002, 01:06 PM

Either that or one is a long lost son (grandson maybe?)

15-07-2002, 01:10 PM
Hehe, the picture I made was printed in NZ PC World for last month, in the back section, last page bit! :D! Though they didn't put my name in.. :/

(Chris McFarland)