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06-04-2002, 03:31 PM
hey all you lovely people out there, please I have trouble understanding what you are talking about.....Like oe os w95 etc etc etc can you put the whole word in [...] would be a great help, Many thanks

06-04-2002, 04:11 PM
if you don't know what it means then please feel free to ask.

sorry but it takes ages to write posts (and my speeling sucks). most of the shorthand people use is comman around the net, start learning ;-)

06-04-2002, 04:18 PM
I was 'dumb' too, not much better now! But, here's a few.
IE Internet Explorer
OE Outlook Express
OS Operating System
W95 Windows95
W98 Windows98
Feel free to ask for any more.

06-04-2002, 04:19 PM

That's like asking the mountain to move to Muhhumed (Now there's something I can't spell!)... There is a whole world of geeks out there who will 'give you the eyebrow', for asking that :)

OE = Outlook Express, or Overseas Experience, depending on the context.

OS = Operating System (Windows, Linux etc)

W95 = Windows 95 (Just like Win2k = Windows 2000)

PO = Post Office, Pacific Ocean, Plateau Orogeny, Piss Off, Phosphorus Oxide (perhaps), Pleasant Odour, Pot Overdose, Pentium Overdive, Poisonous Oranges, Personal Offices etc...


Can anyone think of any more?



06-04-2002, 04:21 PM
While I'm at it, why not Peculiar Odour... :)

06-04-2002, 06:51 PM
Hi Me Me,
Here is a web address where you can type in an abbreviation and get a list of various possibilities.


It says that there are more than 231,000 acronyms, abbreviations, or initialisations that can be found there.

I entered w95 in the search box and got one response which said, Microsoft Windows 95 Operating System.

I then tried entering oe and got 28 responses of which one suggested Outlook Express.
As you can see it can be quite helpful.

Also, there was a posting further down this F1 page re the cost of printer cartridges. It was mentioned that he hoped that the boss was not reading it as he had used the firm's printer. Another person replied and said words to the effect that, 'yes your boss saw it. DCM'

Like you, I am dumb, and did not know the meaning of DCM so used the above web site and (incorrectly) typed in BCM. It came up with 'Bad Career Move'. That fitted quite well I thought, however when I realised my mistake and typed in the correct DCM, it came up with 'Don't Come Monday'. Obviously, that was the correct version.

I hope that this is of some help to you.

Message for Erin.
If you are reading this, type in your query for PO. There were 38 suggestions for PO. There is a good one listed at the top of the second page. It has a smiley face after it :-)