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05-04-2002, 11:51 PM
Hi All
I have just purshed a digital
camera and was wondering if you would tell me which editing program you are using
and why you like it.I have Paint Shop Pro trail loaded and have deing playing with that. I heard that there are other ones that are the same like Photoshop Elements and PhotoImpact,Please tell me more. Many Thanks

06-04-2002, 12:26 AM
The GIMP does everything I need (although I'm not much of an artist), and its free.

Its not as easy to use as Paint Shop Pro, but it does a lot more.

You can get the windows version at:


06-04-2002, 03:04 AM
Photoshop is probably considered the industry leader....but is way overpriced for home use and also has a lot of features the average use will never use.........definitely no change from $1000+

Photoshop Elements is a lot lighter in features but very user friendly with lots of tool tips and help files.....around $250, have heard it is hard to find though............

PhotoImpact is very under rated.......a lot of bang for buck and includes most features the average user requires + some that photoshop doesn't have....Version 7 retails for around $250.....but I have seen the full of Version 5 on some magazines at the bookshop....warehouse stationairy had Version 6 for around $60 a while back.......

Paintshop Pro.....pretty good, includes animation shop if you want to play with animated Gif's etc....not as feature rich as the others but still very good......seen it for around $200......

Probably one of the most overlooked by people is Coreldraw....comes with photopaint as part of the package......bonus is you get a Vector graphics programme and a photo editor for your money.....have seen version 7 for around $299...very powerful once you learn your way around it......

It really depends what your needs are and how far you think you will go with the programmes.......my personal picks would be Corel or PhotoImpact.......

Trials can be downloaded for these products:




http://www3.corel.com/cgi-bin/gx.cgi/AppLogic+FTContentServer?GXHC_GX_jst=5a964475662d6 166&GXHC_gx_session_id_FutureTenseContentServer=03aa31 c63d0e6657&pagename=Corel/Product/Details&id=CC1IOY1YKCC



06-04-2002, 10:30 AM
Nothing wrong with using PaintshopPro, easy to use though it will lack some of the more advanced features.
One of the best I have used and still use is Adobe Photoshop though it is expensive. Another good one though is CorelDraw.
If you keep a eye on the buy sell exchange or Cash Converters for example you might be able to get a older copy of CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop to start off with.
Or you could stay with PaintshopPro for a lot less till you build up your experience and if you can justify the expense, then look at something better.
Another one though I have not used it myself would be Macromedia Freehand.