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03-04-2002, 01:53 PM
I have an old 2gig HDD which I was going to format and install Linux Mandrake 8.2 on just to have a play with.
How will this effect booting my machine? how do I tell my PC to boot from say C:winme to F:linux? and what effect does this have on drivers etc

03-04-2002, 02:15 PM
The *safest* way is for you to have the option on a floppy. This way, if you want to use Win, you leave the floppy out; if you want to go to Linux, put the floppy in.

You are already being safe by having a disk just for Linux. People seem to have trouble with sharing a disk between OSs (mainly through failure to read the manuals...).

So just check out the HD from Windows -- format it, make a single partition on it, scandisk it. Then go back to FDISK and delete the partition.

Boot your Mandrake disk, and it will ask you which drive you want to do the install to. Choose '/dev/hdb'. It will see that '/dev/hda' is a Windows disk, but it will ask if you want to use that. ;<O .

When it asks you where it wants you to put LILO (or GRUB) [boot managers], tell it '/dev/fd0'. That will give you the safe way of choosing which system to boot. You might want tio have a look for 'loadlin.exe' on the CD --- that is a DOS programme which will load Linux. The instructions will be with it. (I am not sure how good that is at shutting Windows down from inside a DOS window. I use it on one machine, but only from real DOS).

Be prepared to install a couple of times. It's quicker than working out how to fix the 'errors' you *will* make in the the process.

Just remember: Linux is NOT Windows. The GUIs have been made to look 'similar' to Windows, but Unix has been around a few decades longer than Windows. Ways of doing things are not necessarily the same.

Let us know progress -- or lack of it.

03-04-2002, 02:18 PM
mandrake will do it all for you. mandrake would have to be the easiest to install. when it is installed and you boot your computer you will be given a menu to choose what to boot. there is only one thing to watch and that is during install make sure you choose the correct drive to install to else you will wipe your windows. you should have any problems with drivers as linux will be installed in a different place.

03-04-2002, 04:45 PM
I've just looked, and the experts suggest that with ME, loadlin.exe needs to be run from an ME recovery floppy, so the safest way -- LILO on a floppy -- is the better way.

There are enough decisions to be made while installing without selecting a hard disk location for LILO. If you are not experienced, you WILL lose the Windows disk if you choose the wrong one of the HD locations. If you put the LILO boot on a floppy there is no risk.